About David Dominguez

Commanding more than three decades of experience leading and serving on police departments in California’s Inland Empire, David Dominguez retired as the Chief of Police for the Palm Springs Police Department in February 2011. Since then, Mr. Dominguez has focused largely on community involvement, in addition to teaching justice studies and other subjects at the collegiate level.

David Dominguez started his law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff with the San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner’s Department, where he worked in corrections, investigations, training, administration, and patrol. From 1994 to 2008, he held several leadership positions with the Riverside Police Department. He worked as a Police Lieutenant before receiving a promotion to Police Captain of Operations and Investigations, and then to Deputy Chief of Police. In 2008, Mr. Dominguez joined the Palm Springs PD as the Chief of Police and immediately set about lowering the city’s high property crime rate, while applying innovative and modern municipal policing methods to the management of the force’s $26 million budget and 160 full-time employees. Mr. Dominguez’s three years in office were marked by a significant reduction in all forms of crime, most notably in violent criminal activity.

David Dominguez’s success as Palm Springs’ Chief of Police stemmed largely from his implementation of effective policing protocols and technologies, such as a COMPSTAT (Computer Statistics) program that allowed the Department to focus its resources better. In addition, Mr. Dominguez expanded community policing efforts, launched a neighborhood beat officer initiative, and organized youth leadership training in conjunction with the local high school. Today, Mr. Dominguez stays busy by supporting The Unforgettables Foundation and coaching in the Temecula Youth Baseball League. He also teaches courses on criminal justice and community-oriented policing at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, California.


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